Tangle-Mosaik-Projekt #13 - Ergebnisse / Results May 23th 2018

Die Ergebnisse des 13. Mosaik-Tangle-Projektes zeige ich euch am 23. Mai 2018 The results of the Tangle-Mosaic-Project #13 I will show on 2...

Sonntag, 23. März 2014

It´s a String Thing #32

A new week - another wonderful new “It´s a String Thing Challenge”!
This time Adele takes us back to the basics. Therefore we had to use String #024 created by Jadie Wright and a choice of the following seven tangle patterns that contain the letters “W” and “r”:
Warangaie - Sandra Strait
Warble - a Zentangle® pattern
Warped Eggs - Livia Chua
Warts and Wobbles - Cindy Straight
Wired - Suzanne McNeill, CZT
Wirly Bird - Cathy Clifford
Worms - Carolyn

Your can find these tangles and the String # 024 on http://tanglepatterns.com/.
For more information please see here on Adele´s blog.
Moreover Adele will show all entries of the past week on her blog every Monday.

It´s a String Thing #32 (2014; 8,9 x 8,9 cm)

Contrary to all expectations I used all tangles for my tile. But first I enjoyed learning all these tangles. Especially I love Warped Eggs, Warble and Wirly Bird.
Adele, thank you very much, for your “It´s a String Thing” challenge! Now I´m looking forward to the other tanglers´ tiles! It´s so inspiring!

Thank you for reading this post!


  1. Noch ein tolles Stück von Dir, einfach schön in schwarz / weiss. Mir gefallen auch die weissen Flächen dazwischen. Dir einen schönen Sonntag, LG, Valerie

  2. This is quite pretty! I see what you mean by putting tangles on top of each other, that's a good idea. I also looked at other posts on your blog and I absolutely fell in love with your 'Fantasie'. It is very beautiful and the colors are great too. One word for it: WOW!!!!!

  3. perfekt!! ich bin mal wieder begeistert von all den super zusammengefügten Formen -- Graphik in Vollendung! Einen schönen Sonntag !

  4. WOW Annette,das sieht wider ganz großartig aus,du Beindruckst mich immer wieder mit deinen tollen mustern und deinem können für Präzision,da weiß ich auch nicht viel zu schreiben,weil es für diese spezielle Schönheit kaum Worte gibt,einfach nur fantastisch.
    Hab noch ein schönes WE,ich bekomme nachher zur Cafezeit Besuch,habe einen Pfirsichkuchen gebacken,Yummy,mal sehen ob er meiner Freundin auch schmeckt.

    GLG Jeannette

  5. Very nice work you did here. I admire your use of all those tangles, most of which I have still not come around to trying. Beautifully done!

  6. Wow again gorgeous zentangle artwork, love it ! I hope you've had a great weekend, Shirleyx

  7. Wieder lauter schöne Muster. Das Band in der Mitte gefällt mir besonders!

  8. This has so much of interest in it, I like that you used all seven tangles. I like the tangled line which divides vertically and the little patterns which "escape" top and bottom.