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Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014

It´s a String Thing #27

This week Adele´s challenge is to make a patchwork of tangles. Therefore we had to use String #033 created by Esther Episzczek and eight tangle pattern that begin with the letter “E”:

Echo by Sue Clark, CZT
Efilys by Sandra Strait
Echoism by Zentangle®
Eke by Zentangle® 
Emingle by Zentangle®  
Ennies by Zentangle®
Eye-wa by Zentangle®  
Equerre by Genevieve Crabe, CZT

Your can find these tangles and the String # 033 on http://tanglepatterns.com/. For more information please see here on Adele´s blog.

It´s a String Thing #27 (2014; 8,9 x 8,9 cm)
For my tile I used the tangles Efilys, Eke, Ennies (without bubbles) and Equerre.

First I had to familiarize myself with 6 new tangles. Currently I knew Echoism and Ennies only.At first sight I liked Efilys and Equerre very much. But Eke appeared not interesting for me at first. But after practice I realized that Eke is a lovely tangle.  Especially I like to use it as a small ribbon or border.
Therefore I like Adele´s Challenge very much. I learn new tangles which I wouldn´t use usually.
Adele, thank you very much, for your “It´s a String Thing” challenge!

Thank you for reading this post!


  1. Noch ein wunderschönes Stück, sehr genau gearbeitet. LG, Valerie

  2. Great work! This is absolutely beautiful.

  3. Lovely, this tile of yours!!! You are so right, Adela gives us the opportunity to learn and explore more tangles all the time. But, sometimes I think it makes zentangle more difficult, all these choises, less Zen I mean.
    You know, I finally followed your idea and ordered some postcards of one of my Zia's. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Another gorgeous Zentangle, I love it. The center and corner designs are beautiful. Greetings, Shirleyx

  5. wow,das sieht ganz wunderbar aus,seehr schöne Muster,großes kompliment!!
    Gefällt mir richtig klasse.

    GLG Jeannette

  6. When I came here I said (to myself) I was just going to leave a comment and go, but of course I had to follow the link to your patterns, especially Eke, and thereon followed various fascinating links.
    I so admire the way you take the straightforward tangles and make such a beautiful design with them, so that sometimes it's hard to see the original tangle, but then if you look closer you can find it. I like the four pretty square-ish patterns at the corners and the way you have used "Eke".

  7. Wunderschön...und ganz besonders die Mitte!
    Lieben Gruß, Gerda

  8. Wunderschön, mir gefällt dieses quadratische Sternemuster super gut!

  9. Oh, das ist hübsch, Annette, gefällt mir sehr gut!