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Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

Challenge #145 – Quib

The Diva´s Weekly Challenge # 145: New Official Tangle “Quib”
Some days ago Rick and Maria released a new Official Tangle called "Quib" in their newsletter.
Thank you Rick and Maria from
Zentangle® for the Tangle Quib and thank to Laura for this Challenge.

Last weekend I began to paint a new bigger sized picture (32 x 24 cm) and I used the new tangle Quib already.  But it isn´t finished completely.
Therefore I show only a part of my painting which includes Quib here. 
Update 21.11.2013, 16.10 :  I have just finished my picture called "To the Light"! 
Perhaps you have a look at it (here "To the Light")

To see more entries or participate yourself you can go to Laura Harms (CZT®) blog "I am the Diva"

Also I would like to tell you that I must replace my old PC the next days. Therefore I won't be able to comment on the other entries like usual. I´m sorry about this situation and I hope you understand this.

Thank you for reading this post.... and maybe even for leaving a comment!


  1. Love this section using quib! I hope you share the whole thing once it is done!

  2. wow this already looks great!
    Groetjes Karin

  3. Beautiful work with the Quib and the little triangles and the colour. You have a magical way with inter-weaving patterns.

  4. Ein toller "Appetizer", jetzt bin ich gespannt auf das fertige Bild.

    Lieben Gruß, Gerda

  5. Very beautiful, great use of colors.
    Succes with the new computer!

  6. Nice!! I love the colored ribbons in Quib!

  7. Absolut fantastisch! Du hast viel Geduld. Ganz liebe Grüße, Valerie

  8. Wow! This is quite complex and beautifully done.

  9. Very mystical looking - its wonderful!

  10. I see magic, drama and mystery, fabulous!