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Donnerstag, 31. Oktober 2013

My Danger Zone ?!- Challenge #142

The Diva´s Weekly Challenge # 142: Comfort/Danger Zone
This week Laura´s challenge is to find our comfort zone and to move beyond it into the DANGER ZONE!
So first I thought about my comfort zone when I was creating a Zentangle or ZIA. I wrote down point by point in my sketchbook (see below!). And these are the points for my danger zone:
- no shading
- use a string (No. 76 on TanglePatterns.com)
- drawing with several colors
- use never or rare used tangles (Enyshou, Isochor, MI2, ´Nzeppel, Verdigogh, Yincut and Zander )

Here is my tile…
 (clicking on any photo in this blog will enlarge it.)

… but I am not quite satisfied with that.
Using a string and these tangles is OK. I like drawing with several colors because some tangles get a nice look. But this tile has hardly any contrast and no depth! In the end I am not happy with it. I miss the shading very much!  
However I like this challenge. Only by doing unusual things I come to new conclusions and get new ideas.  

Thanks to:
Rick and Maria from
Zentangle® for  Enyshou, Isochor, MI2, ´Nzeppel, Verdigogh, Yincut and Zander
CZT® Linda Farmer for the enormous resource of tangle patterns and strings on TanglePatterns.com;
Laura Harms (CZT®) for this special Challenge

Thank you for reading this post.... and maybe even for leaving a comment!


  1. Looks like you had fun in the danger zone! Nice colorful tile.

  2. Yes, it is a good thing to do. You did this quite well.

  3. Yes I agree I alsoo made a list first about what I like and what not. From there the patterns just draw out of my pen and it feels comfortable to step out of the comfort zone into the danger zone! I like your pattern and color choices!

  4. What a lovely choice of colours, you have made a very nice tile.

  5. Beautiful work! The added color helps to hide the fact that there is a lack of shading. NancyD

  6. Like the colors. I think shading is something that I would not consider doing without. It adds so much to a piece.

  7. This was a very interesting post. I liked seeing your page with the plan of action and the little patterns you were going to use. You have made a very nice pattern on your tile, it's a lovely balanced design. Sometimes when we go out of our comfort zone we find something new we might use again.

  8. Great job, I really enjoy seeing your process notes. You've taken this challenge head-on, colors and tangles are beautious!

  9. I think this is beautiful. I've only posted tangles done for dares/challenges on my blog, but in my sketch book I've come up with 2 great ways to do shading with color. The first is to ink your drawing in colored pen/marker, then come back in with colored pencils & do the shading. You can get an even greater shading effect with the colored pencils if you use either a blending pencil or colored pencil blending marker (alcohol base allows the waxy pencil to move across the paper.) The Second way I've done it is using gray shade brush pens - either alone around the colored pen lines, or on top of colored marker.

    I just wanted to share that. Sometimes I get excited about techniques & just want to share them, even if the person I've directed my comments to doesn't care to hear about it.

    AGAIN, I think your tile is beautiful & fantastic!!

  10. Haha, Lonett I love that you push yourself to the danger zone...nothing is better for growing as an artist :D Love the shape which looks like a bunch of gras is hold together ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  11. OOoh WOW,lonett,das sieht richtig genial aus,man sieht richtig das du daran Spass hast,es wirkt unheimlich harmonisch auf mich,auch das farbliche gefällt mir ganz super,bin begeistert.
    ganz lieben dank auch für deine lieben kommentare und netten Worte,das tut mir unheimlich gut,danke!!!
    Und über deine karte habe ich mich richtig gefreut,sie hängt jetzt direkt übern Bastel platz,da kann ich sie immer angucken.

    GLG Jeannette

  12. Truly original and creative composition, I like very much, greetings!

  13. I like how you shared your process with us - but I had to go back and look again when I read that you hadn't used shading. The way you've used colour, curved, and/or heavier lines, and adding "sparkle" really defines each tangle and gives added shape and indeed, depth. Beautifully done.