Mittwoch, 16. Oktober 2013

Dot By Dot - Challenge #140

The Diva´s Weekly Challenge # 140! “Monotangle, Pointillism style!”
Pointillism is an artistic style using tiny dots! It's not really a tangle. The challenge this week is to create a tile using only tiny dots.
(clicking on any photo in this blog will enlarge it.)
Thanks to:
Laura Harms (CZT®) for this Challenge

Also I would like to show you a gorgeous bookmark which was drawn by my artist friend Annemarie.
Furthermore I have got the wonderful ATC from my artist friend Simone. I am very proud of these artworks.

 Created by Annemarie
(Bookmark - both sides)
 Created by Simone
(ATC Farbenrausch 02)

Please look on my side here for more details.

Thank you for reading this post.... and maybe even for leaving a comment!


  1. Das ist ja mal toll!! Auf dem kleinen Vorschaubild in meiner Blogliste waren die vielen Punkte natürlich nicht zu erkennen. Hast Du sie gezählt :).

    Lieben Gruß, Gerda

  2. Amazing to create Zentangle with dots ! WOW. Greetings, Shirleyx

  3. Beautiful pieces all of them! Love the dots!

  4. Great tile. Is a challenge to do tangles this way but you handled it well.

  5. I like the whirley gig in there!!! It looked like you had some fun with this one too!!! Thanks for the comment on my Mr Wind!!! :0) Peace be Yours

  6. I may just have Halloween on the brain, but it reminds me of spider webs & mazes... spooky! I love it!

  7. Das sieht ja interessant aus. Tolle Sache!
    Du hast da zwei wirklich hübsche Geschenke bekommen! Das Lesezeichen sieht klasse aus und das ATC ebenfalls!

  8. Das ist ja eine richtige Geduldsübung, die du hervorragend gelöst hast, sieht super aus! Und das Lesezeichen ist auch klasse. Von Simone habe ich auch eine ATC, sie ist eine wahre Tangles-Künstlerin, unglaublich was sie so zaubert!

  9. Sehr schön, Du hast geduld! LG, Valerie

  10. Very beautiful points! I like this very much. I have now a little "take a break" because I want my totem ready. But of cource I wanted to see Your tangles :-)
    Have a nice weekend!

  11. Beautiful tile!!! It looks like you had fun doing this challenge ;-)

  12. Your tangle is lovely and so are your friends".

  13. Thanks so much for visiting my submission and leaving a comment! It was lovely to find you and see your wonderful blog. Beautiful art!

  14. Thank you for all your kind words. I really appreciate it.