Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

Zendala Dare # 64 - Summer Sun and Water

The first Zendala Dare of each month comes with an added challenge. This month Erin took the inspiration from Mother Nature.  The challenge is to create a Zendala using tangles that start with letters in either the word "HOT" or "HEAT".
I used  Hollybaugh, Echoism, Aura-Leah and Tipple.
The background with the tangle Hollybaugh is representing the sun (brush pen gold). Echoism and Tipple illustrate drops of water and sparkling water.
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Summer Sun And Water - Zendala Dare #64

  • Thanks to:
  • Rick and Maria from Zentangle® for Echoism, Hollybaugh and Tipple
  • Carla du Preez for Aura-Leah
  • CZT® Linda Farmer for the enormous resource of tangle patterns on;
  • Busy Bee! more here!
  • ... and you for reading this post.... and maybe even for leaving a comment!


  1. Wow, love all the little circles! That had to take a long time! But what a great effect it has!

  2. Nice job and great interpretation.

  3. Very beautiful and I like the airy look of it.

  4. i like very much the golden accent ;)

  5. Nice. I especially like the 'sunny' Hollibaugh at the background. Great effect!

  6. Very Nice! I especially like the 'sunny' Hollibaugh at the background. Great effect!

  7. Beautiful zendala. Your interpretation of echoism is especially lovely.

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous! It is both simple and complex, and the tangles work together beautifully. I also love the touch of color.

  9. This is lovely! I've never seen this type of work before. Beautiful! I came by to comment on your Blue Monday lavender post and saw this. Wow.

  10. This is my favorite HEAT Zendala! I love the sun in the center and how it all works so beautifully together.

  11. very nice, and I love the added symbolism.

  12. Thank you all so much. I am very pleased about the kind words.