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Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2013

Challenge # 125 - Birdies Walk

The Diva´s Weekly Challenge # 125: UTM v. XVIII Birdie Feet

Every first Monday of the month is a UTM challenge (UTM = Use My Tangle). This time Laura selected the tangle “Birdie Feet” created by Owl Loving April.

Birdie Feet is a very cute and funny pattern. I had so much fun. My “Birdie” (my pen!) walked about the paper by oneself. Time flew and the walk was finished at last. Now my Birdie is so tired and has to sleep!

My Tile is named “Birdies Walk”

Thanks to:
  • Rick and Maria from Zentangle® for Chainging, Festune, Flux, Hollybaugh, Keeko, Knight Bridge, Poke Root, Static and Tipple.
  • Owl Loving April for Birdie Feet
  • Laura Harms for selecting Birdie Feet for this UTM Challenge
and you for reading this post.... and maybe even for leaving a comment!


  1. like the walk, well have to take that walk one day.

  2. I like your tile a lot. I especially like the knightsbridge variation with birdie walk on each square.

  3. Wow! I really love what you did with this tile! The birdie is ultra cute!

  4. Looks like you and I think alike! We have a similar path, but your Birdie Feet walk over patterns on their path, and mine walked around patterns. I think my favorite part of your tile is the birdie feet at the Keeko where they appear to have unraveled the edges! Very whimsical and creative!

  5. Like your winding ribbon. Also like your combination of tangles.

  6. Shh! The bird is sleeping on its nice nest. It has a long way behind, now it is time to rest.
    Very nice path. It vas nice to follow little feets and wonderful traces all over the tile. Amaising and artistic tile, I like it a lot.

  7. This is a beautiful tile, its swirling path reminds me of the sea..love your little birdie

  8. Thank you all so much for the friendly compliments!

  9. WOW, your ZIA could be the image of a lullaby!! It's great!