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Freitag, 5. Juli 2013

Adventures in Monotangles #17 – Cadent

This week Roy Stauffer (CZT® ) chose the tangle “Cadent” for this adventure (more Information here http://mindful-creations.blogspot.de/). Also on Roy´s blog you can see the entries of other tanglers.
Cadent is one of my favorite tangles. It´s very variable and shows vividly texture after shading. This time I used a my new indanthrene blue ink pen for my tile. For shading I used a soft pastel pen in steel-grey.
I like indanthrene blue so much.

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Adventures in Monotangles # 17 - Cadent

Also I´d like to show you my other tile in indanthrene blue.  It´s  not a part of the adventure this week.  

Indanthrene Blue Ink Pen

Thanks to:
  • Rick and Maria from Zentangle® for Cadent
  • ... and you for reading this post.... and maybe even for leaving a comment!


  1. Very beautiful color, I like it, too. Your tiles are wonderful and You have used Cadent so clever. The tile is interesting and You have used Your imagination. I like it a lot.
    Another tile is very fine too.

  2. Both the tiles are wonderful. The blue is very nice.
    The Cadent tile is very cleverly done.


  3. You did great with this Cadent adventure! I love the second tile, probably because is't more 'free'.

  4. Wonderful work! You did a great job with Cadent, but your second tile is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  5. wow! Love your work! The layout is fantastic!

  6. wow I really like your tiles they are very pretty

  7. Thank you all so much. I am very pleased about the kind words.